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TouchDraw provides variables for determining the dimensions of a selected figure(s) The MinX, MaxX, MinY, MaxY, Width, and Height can be entered as part of the displayed text within a figure. Refer to the available variables table to learn more about what variables can be inserted. These values can be applied to show the dimensions of a drawn object, as shown below:

Follow the steps below to create the images shown above:

  1. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle.

  2. Select the Rectangle Tool again and draw a square on top of the right half of the rectangle. Use a Shift/Click combination to select both figures.

  3. Select the Modify Menu and choose Add Shapes to combine the two shapes.

  4. Select the Line Tool and create a line with two black arrow end points along the bottom of the rectangle.

  5. Double Click on the figure to open the Text Editor Popup Window.

  6. Click on the Variable drop down menu, choose Length, and then choose {Length}. The value will be entered into the Text Editor Popup Window and be updated on the line in real time.

  7. Follow steps 4 through 6 to create a dimension line for each side. The figure below shows the completed dimensions for the drawn shape.

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