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Application Menu

Use the Application (TouchDraw) Menu to access global application level actions. When this menu is selected, the options shown below will appear.

Click on the name of the menu item to find out more details about what action occurs when it is selected.

Menu Item Description
About TouchDraw The About TouchDraw menu item provides application version information.
Preferences… The Preferences… menu item can be used to change general, handle, and performance options for the application.
Services The Services submenu shows applicable services and contains preferences for those being utilized.
Hide TouchDraw The Hide TouchDraw menu item hides all of the open TouchDraw related windows.
Hide Others The Hide Others menu item hides all of the open windows from other applications while leaving the windows for TouchDraw open.
Show All The Show All menu item is enabled when application windows have been hidden and can be selected to show the currently hidden windows.
Quit TouchDraw The Quit TouchDraw menu item closes the application.

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