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Converting Text To a Path

The Convert Text to Path option converts a selected text figure(s) to a path. Size, color, rotation, scaling, and moving alterations are performed as a path rather than by using the traditional text figure selection methods. Follow the steps below to convert a text figure to a path:

  1. Select the text figure to be converted.

  2. Select the Modify Menu and choose Convert Text to Path.

  3. The selected text figure is converted to a path figure.

  4. Perform a Click/Drag combination on a bounds handle (blue) to alter path size. In the images below, the bottom bounds handle is dragged downward to increase the height of the path.

  5. Attribute changes are performed in the same manner as figures created with the path tool. For example, a fill color change to blue would result in the following image.

  6. The added rotation handle (red) can be dragged clockwise or counterclockwise with a Click/Drag combination to change the angle of the newly created path.

  7. A converted path can be moved to any location on the drawing canvas or scaled to a specific size.

  8. Adjustment, Stroke, and Shadow attributes may also be altered to change the look of the path. In the example below, the stroke cap, stroke location, and shadow characteristics have been altered.

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