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The Handles Preferences are used to configure which handles are visible for figures residing on the drawing canvas for newly created or newly opened documents.
These preferences are located in the Handles section of the Application Preferences popup window, as shown below.

If you want to change the handle visibility for the drawing you are currently editing, then you should use the Handle Settings popup menu to do that.

Enabled Secondary Handles have a check mark in their associated box.

Primary Handles

Preference Name Description
Bounds The Bounds preference toggles the visibility of the boundaries of path handles. Boundaries can be shown on handles for all figures, strokes, and paths or for everything but paths.
Path Segments The Path Segments preference toggles the visibility of segment handles for paths.
Path Control Points The Path Control Points preference toggles the visibility of path control points between always showing, only showing active points, or showing none at all.

Secondary Handles

Preference Name Description
Rotation The Rotation preference toggles the visibility of the rotation handle on the drawing canvas.
Gradient Locations The Gradient Locations preference toggles the visibility of the gradient location handle within a figure(s) on the drawing canvas.
Center of Rotation Enabling the the Center of Rotation preference allows the point at which a figure or shape is rotated around to be edited.

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