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Stroke Style

The Stroke Style or line dash pattern and end decorations of a figure can be altered by clicking on the Stroke Tab in the Sidebar, as shown below.

The Stroke Style of a line can also be changed by using the Format Bar.

The Stroke Visibility option must be enabled for a Stroke Style change to appear in the Drawing Canvas.

To alter the Stroke Style of a currently selected figure(s) or new figure(s):

  1. Click on the desired section (Start, Line, or End) of the Line Style section in the Stroke Tab.

  2. Select a style from the Start,Line, or End drop-down menus. In this example, the _Start Stroke Style_is altered.

  3. The new selection will appear in the Stroke Panel.

  4. For example, a Line with an arrowed Start and End Style and a Stroke Size of 3 would appear as shown below:

        Note: A line style change will be seen instantaneously when a stroke figure is selected. If no figures have been selected, the line style change will apply to all subsequently created stroke figures.

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