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Exporting a Drawing

TouchDraw running Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer does not support exporting to EPS.

TouchDraw currently support 5 different exporters to Export a Drawing:

Follow the steps below to export a drawing:

  1. Select the File Menu and choose Export… to open the file export popover or use the Command-E Keyboard Shortcut to open this window.

  2. Choose which file format the drawing will be exported as. The popover will reconfigure itself to show all valid options for the selected format. The screenshot example shown below represents available options for exporting as an image and includes the capability of configuring maximum image size among additional options.

    Visible Layers within a drawing can be exported as separate image files. Refer to the Bulk Exporting of Individual Layers portion of the documentation to learn more about this feature.

  3. Click on the Export Button once the appropriate file format and all corresponding options have been set.

    When you export a drawing as an image the popover window will show a drawing preview. A preview is not given when exporting a drawing in another format such as Visio.

    For detailed information on all of the options, limitations and known issues for the supported file formats, please refer to the Exporting sub section of the File Format Support section.

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